3-Year-Old Boy Tossed Off Roof By His Father

By Zachary Rowell, in Other
9 years ago



Wrong decision
Who Could Have Known?

A 3-year-old was killed Sunday afternoon after he was tossed off a 52-story Manhattan apartment building by his father.

After killing his son, he jumped off the roof and killed himself. It was a tragic situation and witnesses who saw the whole thing have been sick ever since.

Apparently, the father and the mother had been having trouble for a long time. And the mother didn't feel comfortable with the father having unsupervised visits.

However, the court allowed him to see his son unsupervised for the first time Sunday morning, and just hours later they were both dead.

The mother revealed the father once told her that he would take the child away from her. She now believes this was his sick way of doing so.

Did the legal system get it wrong?