Do You Think Dennis Rodman Visiting North Korea Is Bad For America?

By Zachary Rowell, in Politics
8 years ago



Bad for America

Dennis Rodman went to North Korea for the third time yesterday. The 52-year-old went over there this time to train North Korea basketball players for a January 8th exhibition game.

As mentioned above, this is his third trip to North Korea. While America is trying to isolate the country's crazy dictator, Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman is starting a friendship with him.

Rodman told reports that Kim Jong Un is a "very good guy" and that he was "very proud" to call him a friend.

Obviously, a lot of people would disagree with him about that whole "good guy" thing.

Who knows if Rodman is actually "cool" with the controversial leader, or if he just enjoys being in the spotlight once again.

What do you think? Are his trips harmless? Or are they bad for America?

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