Man Calls For Help After Getting Toilet Roll Holder Stuck Up Butt, Would You?

By Zachary Rowell, in Humor
9 years ago



Call 911
Call a friend

A man from Newport, South Wales, was put in an awkward position after he managed to get a toilet roll holder stuck up his butt.

The poor guy claims he couldn't move or get it out, so he was forced to call for help on his cellphone. Firefighters arrived on the scene a short time later and managed to pull the holder out of his butt.

The sad thing is, firefighters have to deal with embarrassing situations like this all the time. People getting stuck in handcuffs, sex injuries...etc.

The Fire Brigades Union in Wales said the following,

"To be honest, if I managed to get myself into one of these sorts of scrapes, the last thing I would want would be a whole crew of firefighters coming to see me!"

Do you agree with that? If you found yourself in an embarrassing situation would you dial 911, or call your a close friend?

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Ian Tait
5 years ago
Don't get into the situation in the 1st place!!!!!! Sounds like a Doctor's vision tunnel!