The President vs. Peter Egan

By Peter Egan, in Humor
7 years ago



The Video is Humorous.
The Video is Tasteless and Appalling.
Who is Peter Egan? (Asked Rhetorically, as in "Who is John Galt?)

Humorous satirical video depicting what would hypothetically happen were President Obama ever to pick a fight with Peter Egan.

The question became relevant after Egan snubbed the President after Mr. Obama began following him on various social networks. Rather than be humbled that the President thinks enough of him to follow him on Twitter and Pinterest, Egan instead "blocked" him, took screen-shots and used them to humiliate the President at various destinations across the web including Facebook, where one of the photos was going viral as this was being typed.

Peter Egan had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the production of this short film. It was done in harmless fun and Peter would like to make clear he has no desire to see the President physically harmed, by his own hand or otherwise.

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Peter Egan
7 years ago
IMO, even though I didn't make it I did laugh my arse off upon seeing it for the first time. To me, it's innocent humor.