Introducing Brandi Cyrus, Big Sis of Miley Cyrus

By Thelma Brown, in Celebrities
6 years ago




This is news to many of Miley Cyrus having an older sister by the name of Brandi Cyrus. Where’s she been hiding? Apparently as much out of the spotlight as possible. Brandi is Mileys 26 year old, older half-sister. She’s he biological daughter of Tish Cyrus along with another brother Trace. Brandi is some sort of reporter, seeing as though she was interviewing celebrities at the A.M.A, and she’s also Billy Ray’s adopted daughter. Billy Ray also has another son who’s the same age as Miley. Billy Ray had a brief relationship with a woman who was a waitress that’s all we know.

Tish is a beautiful young woman just like Miley, but she has the long locks o blonde hair flowing that Miley chose to rid herself of. Now that Trish has been thrust into the spotlight we’ll surely be seeing more of her. Maybe she also has a great singing voice. Miley is still doing her thing despite all the controversy, in our time that’s what gets you to the top in the entertainment industry. Here’s to wishing Miley much success, and hoping to hear more from Brandi in the future.

Do you think that Brandi will continue to avoid the spotlight with as much attention as she’s getting?

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