Nick Cannon Caught Up In Real-Life Jewelry Heist

By Thelma Brown, in Celebrities
6 years ago




If you want to walk away with over $950 in jewelry from retailer Fred Segal, just use a celebrities name and you’re free to go. At least that’s what happened in a Santa Monica Fred Segals store when a jewelry thief used the name Nick Cannon and made off with the goods. The man claimed to be Cannons personal assistant convinced a rep to bring an assortment of jewelry to a meeting to a meeting spot where the carrier was told Nick and Mariah would be waiting, but instead the man grabbed the back and took off.

Cannon wasn’t even on the premises when the heist took place. Not to make any jokes, well just a few, why wouldn’t the store get confirmation from the actual celebrities if drop offs were the case? This has definitely got to be the easiest heist in years, no guns, no fight, and no make on the actual person who took the jewelry. It’s safe to say that the thief will get caught, with this much publicity surrounding the case it will be hard to sell the jewelry, even harder to wear he jewelry, and if you’re caught wearing it you’ll become the prime suspect.

Do you think the store should call the jewelry a loss because they made a mistake?

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