Parents of Thousands of Abused Children Recieving Compensation

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago

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Over 1,400 victims of Ex-Delaware pediatrician Earl B. Bradley will all receive their share of a $122 million dollar settlement. The pediatrician was charged for raping and abusing hundreds of children and videotaping his actions. He’s also had a long history of doing unspeakable acts to children dating back as early as the 1990s.

Former employer of Bradley, Beebe had cleared him of wrongdoing involving the treatment of young girls, the employers never reported him at that time to authorities. Bradley also abused other patients at his Disney-themed BayBees Pediatric center in Milford, Del. The settlement money gathered is including 7 million from the actual business Beebe, $112 million from insurance carriers and $3 million gathered from other defendants and the Medical Society.

It’s quite a shame when you can’t trust the people with medical backgrounds to treat your children without worries of abuse. This is the main reason why parent should remain in the room when children are being medically treated for anything, including dental. As it’s been reported, there were doctors and others within the medical field working closely with Bradley who knew of his history, or suspected something wasn’t right, yet they did nothing.

Would you allow your children to be treated medically while you’re not in the room after having read this?