Yale Lockdown Lifted After Reported Gunman Hoax

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago




Apparently Yale was under lockdown on Monday as both the local police and SWAT teams searched the campus for any truth to the report that a gunman was on his way to the campus to start shooting. No traces of a gunman were found, but luckily authorities were quick to act just in case this was not a Hoax. Everything happened instantly when an anonymous caller phoned authorities stating that his roommate supposedly wanted to shoot up the entire school and was headed to the main campus to carry out his plans with a rifle. Although many students had already left the campus for the holidays, the lockdown was necessary.

The call was traced from a phone booth nearby and the caller still remains unknown. Several witnesses did tell the police that they saw someone with either a shotgun or rifle, so it’s quite possible that the caller did not make up the story. Although the campus is no longer on lockdown, the students may want to continue using caution over the next few days or weeks. Situations like these have happened too many times now to take this threat lightly.

What do you all think, should this be cast off as just a hoax?

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