Target Losing Battle In Black Friday 2013 Web Design

By Thelma Brown, in Other
9 years ago



Best Buy

With Black Friday 2013 approaching, major retailers have gotten their websites in order to attract big spending consumers with deals and more deals. However, one of those major retailers may have just blown their chance to get a piece of the spending action, well at least online. A lot of consumers are angry about the “Target New Web Design” which looks simply unimpressive.

In comparison to retailers like Walmart and Kmart you’d have thought this company would have found the solution to something workable to draw the crowds. The front page of the Target website is full of red periods, many say it makes their eyes burn. Even rivals like Best Buy have a clean website layout, but Targets is much confusing for anyone. Let’s hope that even though the website layout is a hot mess, consumers might be able to make it to their local Target retail chain for deals. If making it to the local Target is at all possible everything will be forgiven in terms of that piece of art that’s not really art. It’s quite possible that people are going to find deals whenever and wherever they can if not locally then online, so loyal customers may be able to look past the ugliness after all.

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