Chicago Cop Free On $75,000 Bail, While Woman Has Lost Her Life

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago

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A Chicago police officer has been criminally charged in the fatal-off-duty shooting of Rekia Boyd. Boyd was shot in the back of the head when the off-duty officer Dante Servin opened fire over his shoulder on a group in an alley from inside his vehicle. He’s currently released on a $75,000 bail.

Why did this happen? Servin stated he started shooting when he saw a man supposedly point a gun at him near his West Side home close by Douglass Park early on March 21,2012. His intended target had just a cell phone, and the innocent bystander Rekia Boyd lost her life senselessly.

The officer’s actions are being called reckless and surely we all agree. This is not the first time this has happened in Chicago. Back in 1995 a homeless man lost his life, the officer in that incident was sentenced to a 15 year prison term, but what many fail to realize is that even a lengthy prison term won’t bring back the lost lives.

The family of Boyd has received a $4.5 million settlement from the city for a wrongful death lawsuit. Chicago police need to do a lot better because they act as though they own the streets and that’s clearly not true. Harassment by Chicago police happens everywhere, not just on the streets but when they’re allowed into someone’s home.

Truth of the matter is, if you do have a problem of any sort it is better not to call the police if you live in Chicago! Do you agree?

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