Mother Wanted to Purchase Gun for Sandy Hook Elementary School Killer

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago




Mother of Sandy Hook Elementary School killer supposedly wanted to buy him a CZ 83 pistol for Christmas. The guns used in the shootings all belonged to his mother whom had purchased them legally. It’s unknown if the guns were locked away, but the son had took target practice between 2010 and 2012. Before then, Nancy Lanza received only email communication from her son who had not left the house for up to 3 months. She wasn’t even allowed to enter his room. Friends of Nancy’s reported that she was concerned of her son’s mental state and knew he was indeed a troubled soul.

Adam Lanza was the 20 year old who killed six women including 20 children, and his own mother right before the shooting rampage. Nancy was also ridiculed by those who felt she did the wrong thing in using targeting practice to try bonding with her son. In fact, some headlines called her a “Gun-obsessed mom who taught murderer son to shoot.” In total there were 27 victims who lost their lives on the day of the shooting. Adam Lanza had even had several mental health diagnosis but refused any offered treatments. He didn’t like Christmas, other holidays, birthdays or any celebrations. He didn’t even allow his mother to put up Christmas trees, and had her get rid of the family cat. Adam also researched topics like the Columbine Shooting, even compiling spreadsheets. This story is still sad and emotionally upsetting.

It’s clear this mother lost control of her son a long time before the shooting, but do you all feel this could have been avoided?

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