High Speed Chase, Car Ends Up On Rooftop

By Thelma Brown, in Other
9 years ago




How does a car end up on the rooftop of a house? Not even the Columbia cops can answer this one! Columbia police officers followed a vehicle after witnessing what they thought to be a drug transaction. The driver of the vehicle tool off driving like a bat out of hell and when police finally caught up with the vehicle, it was on the rooftop of a suburban home. The officers and family who’s rooftop the car was on are still baffled by how it could have happened. And the driver, well as you may have guessed was nowhere to be found.

After a search of the vehicle either on the rooftop of when the car was taken down, drugs and cash was found. The owner of the home did say he heard a loud bang, but never could have imagined anything like this. It’s possible the driver was as high as he or she could have got considering all the facts. Still, we’d all like to know how this could happen, and maybe someone would like to try this someday. All jokes aside, what do you think should happen with the found money and damages to the suburban home? Do you agree that it should go to the homeowners to pay for damages?

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