Remains of Missing Family Found

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago




You may have heard the story about a family of four who vanished from their San Diego County Fallbrook home back in February 2010. Well the latest breaking news is that their remains have all been discovered at a gravesite in Southern California which is located nearly 100 miles from their home by an off-road motorcyclist. Authorities are trying to figure out how Joseph McStay, Summer McStay and their two boys Gianna age four and Joseph age three died. Such a sad story so close to Christmas, nobody could imagine something like this happening to their loved ones.

The home had showed no signs of forced entry, and the SUV of the family was found near the U.S.-Mexican Border when the family disappeared. Family members stated that the couple had not mentioned they were going anywhere, and authorities found the family dog’s in the backyard of the home along with rotted eggs on the kitchen counter. Nothing was reported missing from the home at that time and the family’s credit cards and bank account including over ten thousand in funds was never touched. One must admit that this story makes no sense at all. We’re all praying that the family receives the answers they seek. Do you feel they've possibly fallen victim to the drug cartel?

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