New California Extreme Smoking Bans

By Thelma Brown, in Politics
8 years ago



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Yes, we all know smoking is bad for your health and in many cases it can cause lung cancer. Problem is, smoking is an addiction for many extremely hard to quit. Like other drugs, it’s a habit which one can fall back into after years of not doing it. In America anything that’s not illegal, if people get some type of satisfaction from it they’re going to do it. Many states are getting stricter with their smoking policies, first it was that you couldn’t smoke in restaurants, near schools or in front of government buildings.

Currently California has done something extremely different. It’s something that makes their smoking laws the strictest of all the states in the USA. They’ve banned smoking in Apartments and Condo buildings which share walls with neighbors! However, while to many it is extreme, there are many who have lost homes due to neighbors smoking. The new law will upset the smoker, but it won’t make them quit if that’s the main goal. It could be freezing outside but if smokers have to get that cigarette buzz in let’s just say they’ll create their own heat for those few minutes of nicotine pleasure. With winter approaching, let’s see how many hitters or quitters the new California law will produce. Do you agree with the bans?

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