McDonald's Corporation Rich and Greedy?

By Thelma Brown, in Business
5 years ago




If you’re looking to get ahead in life or at least for some valuable tips on living, the McDonalds Corporation is your best resource. McDonald’s employees don’t agree and neither do we with any of the so called valuable information they’ve handed out. One of their valuable tips was encouragement of employees to start receiving food stamps, that’s hilarious. Another was encouraging employees to return a majority of their holiday gifts or sell them online to get out of debt. At the pay scale these employees are working, it’s a wonder they’re able to purchase or receive any holiday gifts.

McDonalds Corporation should be ashamed of the negative light now cast on them. They’ve spent many years to build their brand into the largest most popular restaurant chain it is today. Guess when people become successful in their ventures they forget what helped them gain their status. Striking is not enough for employees to do alone, I know we all like their burgers from time to time but chances are you have someone in your family that works for this company, the strike should reach far beyond the employees directly to the consumers. Only if consumers strike against McDonalds will they make a change for the better. Think for a minute, when employees strike or quit, there are always jobless individuals willing to take the low pay and mistreatment. If the government would do something about the job situation, there’d be nobody left to work for what they’re not worth. Therefore, there’d be no Corporations like McDonalds to gain as much power and take advantage.

So what do you all think, has McDonald's gotten too greedy?

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Katie Henderson
5 years ago
I didn't know McDonald's employees were forced to work at McDonalds and lacked the freedom and wherewithal to pursue other employment opportunities.