Justin Beiber's 3 Million Confidentiality Agreement

By Thelma Brown, in Celebrities
6 years ago



No, he did the right thing
That's crazy!
What's he hiding that we don't already know?

Have you dreamed of what partying it up with Justin Beiber would be like? Surely there are some people out there who have. You might get a little wild, smoke a little marijuana, drink the finest liquor and not the cheap bottles from the local corner store, and possibly do some things you’d later in life regret but wouldn’t change for the world. Beiber likes to live on the wild side, and for just that one night you could experience the same thing. But, it does come with a hefty price tag!

Justin Berber’s latest party on November 15, 2013 was a supposed night to remember for party guests. Not just because of the unbelievable time they may have had, but because as mentioned above it came with a more than hefty price tag. No, Beiber didn’t charge an admission price, but he did make all guests sign a 3 million dollar confidentiality agreement according to TMZ.

The agreement stated terms of not being able to take photos, tweet, post Facebook messages or anything that would let the world know the going on of the party and its guest. Some celebrities will go to great extremes to ensure their privacy is respected, so why not do it all the time? Bet you’re glad you didn’t get an invitation, you’d have had nothing to even prove you were there! So folks, do you think Beiber went a little too far with this one? We’re just waiting to see who’ll have to pay that 3 million!