Online Holiday Shopping this Season Safer With Debit Cards?

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago



Netspend is a great debit card company
I prefer Rush
I prefer AccountNow
I prefer neither, fees are too high

Companies like Netspend are a blessing in disguise for individuals with credit problems. We’ll explain why! A majority of people like to take advantage of online deals for events like Black Friday or holidays such as Christmas. The problem comes in when they can only use credit and debit cards for payment. It’s often easy to obtain a debit card, but ever debit card comes along with fees and varying rules. Debit card companies can even set the date and time money deposited to card accounts post for use.

The company Netspend eliminates the frustration of having to wait for deposits to post. For example, if you were to deposit funds to a Netflix account at 3am, the funds would show in your card instantly or by 12am. Your funds would show instantly if deposited at a currency exchange, but if doing an online withdrawal you’d receive your funds the next day. Netspend is much quicker than other card companies and offers better protection in cases of accounts being hacked or cards lost and stolen.

If you’re planning to do any online shopping, it might be best to do so with a debit card company like Netspend. You could pass your information online whenever and wherever you’d like, but you’d be 100% protected from fraudulent risks. Card companies like Rush and Account now are also great selections, the holidays are coming fast so one might think of looking into them. Which debit card company do you prefer?