Are Companies Like GoDaddy Over-Doing It With Upselling?

By Thelma Brown, in Business
6 years ago



Companies do too much upselling
Companies do not over-do upselling
Depends on the company

It’s clear the most popular choice for web hosting is GoDaddy, but is it the best choice? GoDaddy for those unfamiliar with the company offers services in web hosting, domain purchasing, and various other services. The prices for many services are fair, although they’re not the cheapest. Lots of great reviews including some negative are what you’d find when typing GoDaddy in your website browser, but that’s typical with all companies.

The main problem with GoDaddy just might be that the company does too much upselling. Numerous customers have complained that they receive too many offers to their emails. Other companies like are becoming flooded with previous customers of GoDaddy. But like GoDaddy, and other companies also have their share of complaints.

Marketing is the key to online success and often upselling is a money maker, but most companies need to realize how annoyed their customers might become. Let’s say you were to walk into a Wal-Mart to purchase a Barbie Dream House for your daughter, but upon checkout the sales rep or cashier kept asking if you were interested in things you didn’t go there to buy, that could become a really annoying experience especially if you turned the offer down several times. We think there should be a limit on upselling, but back to GoDaddy, do you think they over-do it?

Katie Henderson
6 years ago
I've been using a company called GoDotYourself,com instead of GoDaddy. Their prices are better and there is less up-selling. Plus, there's none of the annual price spikes like you get with GoDaddy.