Jaden and Kylie Dating?

By Thelma Brown, in Celebrities
6 years ago



Who cares if they're dating?
The media and Hollywood ruins relationships
They look cute together

Are Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith dating? If so, should we care? Anyways we think they’re really cute together whether they are dating or not. It’s not so much interesting though that they’re spotted out shopping for jewelry or smiling, that’s the norm where they’re from. They could possibly just be great friends. Everyone puts so much focus into the lives of celebrities, but what they fail to remember is that they are human beings like everyone else. The things which make Jaden and Kylie’s topic so important are not actually about them, but more famous family members.

It’s not a wonder why Jaden and Kylie have chosen to keep their possible relationship on the hush. As the saying goes in Hollywood, what’s done in the dark should remain in the dark, but we all know it eventually comes to light. The media has to have something to gossip about, and for this possible teen couple, its light gossip. Just wait until they actually come out and say they’re dating, the next headlines will read “Jaden Cheating on Kylie” we expect. Jaden and Kylie keep everyone guessing for as long as you can. The media is waiting to tear apart your young romance if that’s what’s happening.