Learning to Love Again After Heartbreak, How Soon Is Too Soon?

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago



I could move on quickly
Depends on the person
I'd wait a week
I'd wait a few months to a year or so

How does one allow their selves to open up and love again after heartbreak? If you think it’s simple, you’ve probably never really been in love, but just the thought of it. It can be hard getting over a lost love, especially if you have to see that person on a daily basis in school, at work, or just around the neighborhood. For some it has been easy to walk away, but that just means the relationship was hell. For others it takes years to get over a relationship that lasted years.

How long do you feel it should take before one is able to move on to another relationship? We’ve heard of men being able to do so quicker than females. Is it true that to get over a past love quicker you should start seeing someone again immediately? In most cases it’s not the healthiest thing to do because you’d be bringing your past problems into the new relationship. Also, after you’ve gotten over a lost love, should you start seeing that person again in the future if the opportunity arises? Breakups happen for a reason, and learning to love again is something you’d have to do, but how soon could you move on?