Cheating In Relationships, Not Cool

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago



I'd never cheat
I would never forgive a cheater
I have cheated

What would you do if you found out your partner was cheating or planning to do so? Like many you’d probably do some things or say some things that you’d regret at a later time. Is cheating really forgivable? Some people seem to think so, but in the back of one’s mind the thought would still linger. You’d never be able to truly say that you trust your partner once something like this has occurred. The relationship would never be the same. Surprisingly many have been able to patch up relationships after a partner has cheated. It takes a great deal of strength and a big heart to be able to do so.

Men and women cheat for different reasons but it’s more than likely narrowed down to being unsatisfied in their relationships. Cheating in relationships is the biggest act of disrespectfulness, they say if you’re unhappy just leave. So why do people not just leave?

Surely everyone has experienced the act of being cheated on, it’s not a great feeling but you learn from it and either stay or move on. Did you know that 67% of relationships where the partners carried on after incidents of cheating have failed? We think that many people forgive because they’re not quite ready to let go, but would you?