Wife Sued for Having Ugly Child?

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago



He did right to sue
He was wrong to sue
You should never call children ugly

Man sues wife for having ugly children. Who’d have thought this was possible in a court of law? Apparently somebody did, and that’s the case of a Chinese man by the name of Jian Feng. He sued because as he puts it, his wife had a “extremely ugly baby girl,” and insisted she had to have had an affair because there was no way he could have been the father. DNA tests proved he fathered all the kids.

The judge decided in Fengs favor when found his wife had undergone over $100,000 in plastic surgery before they had meant. His wife according to him duped him into thinking she was a natural beauty. The wife was ordered to turn over $120,000 to her husband. He claimed his daughters face horrified him. So what do you all think, has the father gone too far? Is it safe to say that this will be a conversation that won’t come up in his daughter’s future? One thing’s for sure, the daughter and her siblings are going to have many problems because of this. The mother is perhaps somewhere hiding from embarrassment over the national attention this case got, and the father should be ashamed of himself.

Bella Fairchild
4 years ago
How Humiliating this must be for the kids.
The wife obviously had some self-esteem issues and was probably too embarrassed or ashamed to tell her husband.
How ever this man feels about his wife that is no excuse to humiliate his children.
Making it public knowledge that he thinks his children are so ugly that he is entitle to sue for damages. WHERE IS THE COMPASSION?
Tammi Carter
5 years ago
It is wrong for calling children or people ugly, but she did deceive him by making him believe she was beautiful.
5 years ago
that's just hilarious!!! :DDDD