Has the World Gone Fiverr Mad?

By Thelma Brown, in Internet
9 years ago



I would use Fiverr.com
Fiverr.com is pointless.
I have used Fiverr.com

Have you ever used Fiverr.com services? If you’ve never heard of the website, it’s an online community packed full of talented and crazy individuals who’d do everything from graphic designing to prank calling your wife or boss for just $5. It’s a unique idea and the site has certainly grown in the past few years, plus with the shape our economy is currently in, Fiverr.com does present opportunities to be taken advantage of.

Signup is free on the website, and while the website like other online businesses does take a percentage you’d still be getting a great deal. We believe there should be more websites like this which allow people of all nationalities to earn additional income while showcasing their skills. The best thing about Fiverr is that using the site requires no specialized education background to take advantage of its earning potential.

This could be a great source of pulling in new customers if you have an online business, or just gaining popularity in school by showing everyone how insane you can be. The best ideas are usually the ones you think nobody will show interest in, but you’d be surprised to find out how many major corporations or online businesses started the exact same way. Would you use Fiverr.com?

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su kito
7 years ago
looks interesting