Mother Rips Off 6 Year Old Son's Penis

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago



The mother should be locked up forever.
The mother should get 10 years but not be locked up forever.
This child should never have to see his mother again.

A six year old child is currently undergoing surgery and will have to endure pain for the rest of his life because of his mother. Jennifer Marie Vargas is currently facing a 10 year jail sentence after nearly pulling her sons penis off apparently in anger because he wet the bed. After the incident occurred you’d think she’d have tried to rush him to the hospital, but no, this woman tries to superglue it back on after cleaning with alcohol.

The mother is being charged with assault and the boy is in his father’s who’s enlisted in the army custody. The father was the one who took the boy to the hospital after returning home and noticing blood stained underwear and constant crying. It’s not believed that the mother has had any mental problems, but no sane parent would be able to do something like this.

We’re hoping for the best for this child, but he’ll grow up and suffer forever because of what his mother has done. Jennifer Marie Vargas has possibly lost a husband and a son, and she should never be allowed to be near this child again. Even 10 years in prison is not enough time.