13 Yr. Old Raped and Buried Alive In Pakistan

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago



The officers should be fired immediately.
The officers should be locked up with the criminals who committed this crime.

13 Yr. old buried alive after being raped by two men in Toba Tek Pakistan. It’s clear that terrorism isn’t the only thing people have to worry about. The girl was abducted slightly after heading out to Koran lessons. It’s said she became unconscious and the men who thought she were dead buried her to dispose of the body. This is something straight out of a serial killer horror movie. Regaining consciousness, the girl then dug herself out of the grave.

That’s a horrible thing to go through for any child, and a nightmare to imagine for parents. The story gets worse because the girl’s father stated that initially the police refused to investigate when the incident was reported. The officers were then ordered by the Lahore Justice Chief to look into the case, arrest the suspects, and complete the investigation with no delay. The cases of child rape in Pakistan have risen in a decade and are 2nd to murder. The officers’ refusal to investigate is extremely disturbing. It makes one wonder how many cases of this type are taken serious enough to make arrests. Here’s a question we’d like to ask those officers, what if it were your daughter.

Tammi Carter
5 years ago
This is terrible. How is it that people can be so cruel towards human life?