Woman Lives at Marriot Hotel for 9 Years

By Thelma Brown, in Lifestyle
8 years ago



I would live at a hotel if i could afford it.
I would not live at a hotel even if i could afford to do so.
I would live at a hotel but not the Marriot.

Could you make the Marriot hotel your home for nine years? One Wisconsin woman did and finally checked out upon racking up a $28,000 tab and threats of hotel eviction. Jane Ganjian has spent her entire lifesavings since she moved into the hotel. If you add up money for daily expenses, possible room service, and hotel fees, living at a hotel can be costly when you think of how much the Marriott charges per night.

Many would have chosen to get an affordable apartment, and it’s now known that due to a chronic illness Ganjian wasn’t employed. The sheriff stated the woman left of her own free will before the hotel had a chance to evict her, and where she’s currently living is unknown. At 64 her life has reportedly been tough on Ganjian whose attorney attempted to file a motion for her to continue living at the hotel. Anyone reading this interesting story has to wonder whether this woman had family and could have taken a different route by living with them.

The Marriot Hotel is very popular, many check-in during family vacations, business trips, romantic rendezvous and other events. This is the first time we’ve actually heard of anyone staying for nine years, but we’re sure people do this all the time. If you could, would you live at a hotel for nine years?