Miriam Carey, Are Law Enforcements Actions Justified?

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago



Law Enforcement Handled the Situation Correctly
Law Enforcement Did Not Handle This Situation Correctly

The driver ‘Miriam Carey’ shot to death in the D.C. car chase was claimed delusional. That’s something which her family denies although she was suffering from postpartum depression. Reports claim that she felt the government was watching her, don’t we all, and aren’t they? The story goes further to report that she also thought President Obama had been communicating with her and her life was a reality show of sorts for national news outlets.

Her boyfriend had reportedly contacted law authorities before the fatal incident because he feared for his own daughter’s safety. Incidents of her hiding in the bathroom locked in with the screaming child, and taking the child out the house not dressed for the pouring rainy weather were reported. The woman was arrested but released.

How does someone let something like this slip right pass them? This young woman would still be alive possibly getting much needed help if someone had taken the warning signs seriously. Miriam believed she was the so called Prophet of Stamford and the city was placed on lockdown by Obama, have to admit this is the first we’ve heard of such. Miriam left behind a child, and the world believes that the actions of law enforcement and secret servicemen were justified, but what do you think?