Little Girl Found In Gypsy Camp Not Abducted

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago



She should be returned to the couple who've been raising her.
She should be adopted by a more stable family.
I'm still a bit confused.

Turns out the little girl known as “Maria” discovered in a Gypsy camp was not kidnapped as the accused couple claimed. According to DNA tests, a Bulgarian couple in Roma by the names of Ruseva and Atanas are the biological parents. The little girl is four years old and was given away because the biological parents couldn’t take care of her. Still there are twists in this story because according to recent reports, the biological parents do have more children with blonde hair similar in appearance to Maria.

The couple will not be charged with kidnapping and they’re planning to seek legal custody of the child. We’d like to know if they really have a chance considering the possible welfare fraud. We’d also like to know where the other children of the couple are, and if they were given away to the couple same as Maria.

This has been a really strange story, we’re hoping all goes well for little Maria, that she grows up happy and healthy. There should be millions of loving would-be parents looking to adopt a child that have been following the headlines of this case. If not returned to the couple, surely she will end up in another loving and more stable home.