Overcharging Realtors In Chicago

By Thelma Brown, in Lifestyle
8 years ago

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America land of the free has turned into land of the expensive rather quickly and prices for much needed things like food and clothing are still on the rise. In low income neighborhoods, the rent prices are as high as those in wealthier neighborhoods. For example, in the Austin neighborhood in Chicago many landlords and real estate companies are overcharging for apartments.

Should a one bedroom and one bathroom small apartment really be worth $750 per month in a neighborhood where people barely earn enough to feed their children? The majority of those overpriced apartments are definitely not worth it.
Not everyone in those neighborhoods lives off the government handouts if that’s what crossed your mind.

So that means many hard working individuals are still struggling to make ends meet. We read a Facebook post recently, someone posted that they needed to find a job to be able to move to Chicago. Then, another Facebook user responded, telling that individual that without excellent credit they’d be forced to take an apartment in a crime ridden neighborhood that they could barely afford. This is so true according to research.

Many Chicago realtors are making a killing on overcharging in crime ridden areas while their neighborhoods are gated and much safer. Does the thought of this make you feel ill as well? Can you name a large realtor company in Chicago which does this?