Blackout In Syria Shakes Things Up

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago



Yes, terrorist should stay clear of Chicago
We do need to focus on getting our own crime under control
Let Syria deal with Syria

A majority of Syria, including its capital Damascus experienced a power cut, what we in the U.S. call a blackout. The event transpired because of a terrorist attack by rebels of a gas pipeline. Well, let’s see terrorist attacking pipelines, it’s believable. Okay, so what was their next move? Just to leave everyone in the dark? Terrorism is no matter to poke fun at, but I couldn’t imagine being over there and being completely in the dark. When there are neighborhood blackouts where I live, I have to watch my back when going to the store in times of emergency. Not that I live in the worst neighborhood in Chicago, but as we all know, crime does migrate.

Furthermore to this story, there were reports of seeing huge fireballs near the international airport in Syria and hearing frightening loud machine gun fire. We’re guessing that with the black out these terrorist had major plans. We’re willing to bet they wouldn’t come to Chicago with any of that foolishness, let alone produce a blackout. The blackouts are our own neighborhood criminal’s party time and the ones with gun licenses now are allowed to carry the heat outside. The war on terrorism is not over, and if it should end anytime soon, we’d still have our backyard criminals to have to deal with.