Amazon Free Shipping Standards Raised

By Thelma Brown, in Internet
9 years ago



Amazon should not have raised the purchase amount to qualify for free shipping
I do not care, they're free to do as they please
I hardly shop at Amazon
I hate shopping at Amazon and EBay

The headlines now read that Amazon has changed the rules of its free shipping. Instead of spending $25 to receive free shipping, consumers will now have to spend $35 to take in that benefit. Many consumers have expressed anger to that news because he change was made without making anyone aware of it.

Personally we don’t feel that it’s a situation which should anger anyone! If you were to shop elsewhere online, more than likely you’d have to cover the shipping costs to receive your goods. Why make such a big deal, if someone does not like Amazons rules than just purchase elsewhere.

We feel that Amazon is quite a bit like EBay except you don’t bid for products. Both sites most likely carry the same things and they’re both becoming quite a bit played out. Consumers are much fed up with overpaying for products, coming across scam sellers, and never seeing any new selections of products. Amazon has really lost its zest, and EBay has only a few sellers on their site to be trusted. Maybe people should stick to going shopping personally again at local retailers, you might not always find great deals, but at least you’ll be able to choose reasonable if not great quality merchandise by hand.

Many of us are impatient when it comes to waiting for online purchases to arrive, so if you fall into the don’t want to pay shipping or impatient category you already know what to do.