Is The 'Zombie Craze' Hurting Our Society?

By Zachary Rowell, in Entertainment
6 years ago



Fox News Is Hurting Our Society

Zombies are definitely "in" right now. You walk into a Halloween store and you see dozens of zombie costumes and you turn on the television and you see dozens of zombie shows.

But is this fascination with 'The Walking Dead' hurting our society? Well, Fox News columnist Manny Alvarez seems to think it is.

He wrote the following on

"The idea of a zombie-infested world inspires fantasies of monsters possessed by an uncontrollable rage to kill, and viewers get a thrill imagining what it would be like to participate in this new world order.

Give me a break. As a doctor and scientist, I know one thing for sure: When you’re dead, you’re dead. Our brains should be less focused on imaginary zombie hoards and more focused on harnessing the tools that we need in order to enhance our lives, whether it be music, education, science or the classics. Entertainment should help us soothe our brains so that we can ease our minds of some of the stress from our daily lives.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Stop obsessing over eating brains and focus on cultivating your own."

As you can tell, he is clearly not a fan. But does he have a point? Or is his hatred misguided?


Norma Padro
6 years ago
Zombie movies and games are just entertainment. It's not to be taken serious. A lot of people have phobias about dead people walking around and coming out of their graves, but this is just because the movies are scary. I guess another idea comes from the scriptures of the bible. People become obsessed with the thought.