The Black Market Will Prosper

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago



I think designer labels should make products more affordable to purchase
Businesses should not have to lower prices to prevent counterfeiting
I'd purchase black market counterfeits to save money

Are you familiar with the black market at all? It’s basically a ring operating within the U.S. and other countries for the purchasing and selling of counterfeit goods. The counterfeit goods include many items carrying designer labels and created to resemble the look of actual items. Some counterfeits are extremely marketable seeing as though you can tell the difference between them and the real thing. They’re often marked with the exact labels and serial numbers, even being sold with fake receipts including authenticity certificates.

You can find many of these items all over the internet without having to search too hard. Websites like EBay, Alibaba, and TradeKey are known to be hosts for counterfeit items although they won’t come right out and admit to it. Yes, many counterfeit items sold on the black market are AAA+ quality. Let’s say you purchased a Gucci Bag that you thought was 100% authentic, you could take an AAA+ quality fake to a Gucci store for authentication and it would pass the test being inspected by those with a trained eye to spot fake items.

It’s a 500 billion dollar industry and a nightmare for many businesses or designers. So how does a company fight back against counterfeit items and profits lost? That could be an easy fit if the companies make products more affordable for everyday people that are neither rich nor celebrity to purchase. Just a thought, no matter how many counterfeit rings are shutdown new ones will continue to pop up.