Kanye and Kim Engaged, Who Does Not Care?

By Thelma Brown, in Celebrities
6 years ago



I do not care that they're engaged
I do not care but reading about it is entertaining
I wish them the best, they deserve to be happy

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially engaged to be married. Wow how this story is heating up the internet and national news! After reading the headline and story on yahoo’s front page, skimming down to read the comments was hilarious. Yes, again many people commenting on how much they’re disgusted by Kim, or how much they hate Kanye, c’mon people once again if you hate them so much why bother reading and furthermore even posting a comment.

You’re the one’s making everything this couple does headline news. Publicity is publicity whether good or bad and you give them much of it. Congrats to Kanye and Kim, behind all the fame they are just regular people who make mistakes just like the rest of us. Stop predicting their divorce before the marriage even happens, stop saying negative because if you really did not care you wouldn’t remain so focused on dissing yahoo for posting headlines they know you all will read.

North West will be one happy little girl if the marriage does work out. If the marriage doesn’t work out at least she will have wealthy and supportive parents. She’ll have parents that the world loves to eavesdrop on but loves to deny the fact they do.