Parents Have Teen Daughters Arrested for Partying

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago



The parents did the right thing having their girls arrested
The parents did the wrong thing having their girls arrested

The latest story to make the news is that of two connecticut parents had their teenage daughters arrested for hosting a out of control party. The couple were away on a trip that they cut short for a day early return, bet the girls were not expecting that! The teenagers were ages 15 and 16, yes alcohol played a major role in the party. So what we had were teenagers from 13-17 or over partying it up, no parental supervision, and not of the legal age to drink. We think the parents did the right thing this time around.

Many parents probably would have handled things differently, but these parents wanted to teach their children a lesson they surely will not forget. Anything could have happened, someone could have gotten hurt, someone could have gotten raped, and the parents would have been prosecuted as the case of another couple who actually were. It’s a thought that maybe in trying to be the good parent and the friend, instead of being the caring and responsible parent, we give children too much freedom that they definitely take advantage of. Will the real parents please step up? In this world we’re living in, our younger generation is hell bent on partying and responsibility is a thing of the past.