Is Freelance Writing a Good Work at Home Opportunity?

By Thelma Brown, in Other
7 years ago



Freelance writing is a career I would consider
Freelance writing is not a career I would consider

Freelance writing is a great opportunity, for the experienced, or rather the professionals. Many people think that it’s something you can just jump into doing, but there’s a lot more to the field than one might think. There are some jobs that a basic mommy blogger could take on, but there are plenty of jobs best left to the professionals.

Not to pounce on anyone’s dreams of earning a living in this field, but not everyone can create web content for companies, sales copy that converts highly, EBooks worth reading, grant proposals and novels. Freelance writing takes years of training, and it’s not just a grammar thing. Clients expect the type of work they pay the big bucks for and if you are unable to produce that, your career is over with as quickly as it started.

Then there are other things to worry about, such as taking on more than one can handle, creating work that is rejected and not being paid for the time you put into it, and writers block. Writers block is common amongst most freelance writers, and with all the freelance writers from other countries doing work cheaply it may be hard to find a job that’s willing to pay you what your content is worth. Still think freelance writing is a good work at home opportunity? If so, and you have the time and dedication to put into it you’ll do great.