Surely You'd Report Your Child Missing, Not the Case for Girl Found In Gypsy Camp

By Thelma Brown, in Society
5 years ago



The couple are clearly kidnappers knowing more than they claim
The couple could have just taken in unwanted children over the years
A child abduction ring is at work

Have you seen her? I’m speaking of the beautiful little girl recently found in a Gypsy camp in Greece with a couple who claimed to be her parents but according to DNA tests were not. The blonde haired cutie is about 4 years old and currently remains unidentified. Authorities are basically struggling to find out where she came from, so that means neither the supposed parents or the biological parents are talking. It’d be my guess that the biological parents are no longer alive, I mean how could one go so long without reporting the little girl missing, or stepping up to claim her.

The little mystery girl is currently undergoing all sorts of tests to determine where she originated from, but it’s been reported that she is in good health and communicative with everyone. After her testing, she will be immediately placed in a home for kids. This story has all kinds of twists, because the couple claiming to be the parents of the girl they call “Maria” handed her over to strangers because they could no longer support her. The couple has not yet come under suspicion of kidnapping, but supposedly registered over 14 children in up to 3 different Greek regions. The supposed mother also claimed giving birth to 6 children in less than 10 months which is not humanly possible especially if the children are of different ages. Does this story not sit right with you as well?

Sam Simpson
5 years ago
Parents should pay more atention to childrens