Did Glenn Taylor Make a False Disability Claim?

By Thelma Brown, in Other
10 years ago



Glenn Taylor should face charges for false disability claim?
Glenn can be disabled and topple a heavy rock, leave him alone!

Glenn Taylor is the boy scouts leader currently making headlines from toppling an ancient rock recently, and filing a claim of disability for supposed injuries from a 2009 car accident. You can see how his claim of disability doesn’t sit right with millions following this story. Alan Macdonald is the man Taylor is suing, although Alan’s daughter was the actual party involved in the accident. Alan would be the first to tell anyone who asked how a man with a permanent disability unable to enjoy the pleasures of life would not be able to push an extremely heavy rock off its base seemingly with no problem.

There is currently an investigation into the rock toppling incident, and could possibly be an investigation in the near future into a false disability claim. Unfortunately, Taylor is not the only person in the United States that should come under fire for false disability claims. There are thousands if not more falsely claiming disability that have been able to remain under the radar, possibly because they don’t do public stunts like Taylor pulled off to automatically attract that caught on tape type of attention. Actually there have been caught on tape incidents involving people collecting disability doing unbelievable things, but who really cares for the truth in our time.

Ian Tait
6 years ago
I am partially disabled and can do heavy lifting, even with a spinal injury I can mow the lawn! It is recommended I do regular exercise to keep muscles from suffering, so should I stop, just to satisfy the silly nonsense false claims!
Momoh Ibrahim
10 years ago
this is really a false disability forge
Patrish Dehler
10 years ago
This guy has no respect for other property (park's property), so it's quite likely he filed a fraudulent disability claim. Please charge these jerks with something!!!