Is the fax machine dead?

By Matt Johnson, in Business
9 years ago



I still use a fax machine
I've switched to online faxing

Faxing is one of those business tools that is widely used around the world with the majority being seen in Japan, the United States, and most of western Europe.

So even though you might not be surprised to hear that faxing through a machine in your office may soon become a thing of the past, faxing won’t disappear completely ... at least anytime soon, according to a recent infographic (link below).

In the last year we have seen an emergence in these online faxing services with even big name internet providers joining in the trend. We also noticed that in the last six years that the amount of people who looked up the term “fax machine” has gone down by about 80% while the term “online fax” has continued to rise.

Most businesses like the idea of paper faxing because they are able to attach a signature to their documents which can be an assurance for those that are both sending and receiving the documents. With most online faxing services that are around today you can electronically sign all of your documents just as you can with an e-mail. And though the credibility of electronically certified documents is still a questionable subject we see that taboo slowly also going away as businesses and their workers progress through the evolution of technology.

There’s no denying that businesses and their workforce are focusing on what is new and now with emerging technologies. And along with that they are looking to online faxing to not only keep up with the trends but to also add ease to the way that they are able to send documents. So as the future progress we will be seeing a leap in the use of online faxes.

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