The reason for jealousy

By Gaston Dufrigo, in Lifestyle
9 years ago



It Is the lack of trust in someone you love
It is the lack of trust in yourself
It's all related to love
It's normal everyone can be jealous at a point, let's not to make it a big deal.
I'm not jealous ,)
Insanely jealous
I'm always taking care not to let anyone to be jealous because of me."as much it's possible" Because i know it hurt.
I like to cause jealousy to others it's a pleasure to me.

Jealousy is a sickness of the soul because it eats at you. You not only think less of other people, but you think less of yourself. When you're jealous, there's a voice telling you that you're not as good as someone else, that's why you're jealous. People will let it eat at them and it becomes the center of their lives. Everything is tainted by their jealousy, so even little things no longer make them as happy as they once were. They think "if I had....then I'd be even MORE happy."
You overcome it the same way you overcome an addiction. First you realize it's a problem. Look at it, see why you are so jealous. Positive reinforcement. "I'm better than this, I deserve better, I don't need this in my life." Distraction. When you find yourself being jealous, talk yourself out of it, think of something else, focus on the positive, find something else to do. Distance. Separate yourself, if possible, from what you are jealous of for a while... !!!