Would you ever change who you are because someone fake doesn`t like you?

By Joe roma, in Other
5 years ago




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Patricia Hollins
5 years ago
I like to impress the best that I can to make a better day.
Betty Ames
5 years ago
I am in Total Agreement with this statement, sounds like one I would make, depending on my mood. At 73 after raising 5 children alone, all I can say is if you haven't lived it don't even try to understand, but certainly others have no right to judge another for we have neither walked in their shoes or shared their sorrow. Go GET A LIFE!
JBby JEnx
5 years ago
No. You should never change yourself just so they could like you .. You should love yourself for who you are, because there won't be a second You.. But for that somebody that made you feel this way can always be replace.. There always be someone out there that will love you for the beauty inside.. Don't ever put yourself down either, you gotta love yourself ...