Government And Gay Rights - Marriage

By Jordan Blum, in Lifestyle
9 years ago



I Agree - Civil unions only and governments should not regulate love
I disagree - Civil Unions or Marriage - No difference. Gay's should not be allowed to be accepted as full couples

Young Naturists State that the government should stop issuing certificates with the term Marriage - they hope that people will finally relax and let people who love each other be together! Do you agree?

Here is a snippet from the article:

"Last night, prompted by a Fox News segment, we posted the following post about gay rights on our official Young Naturists America Facebook Page Wall:

“Attn: Fox News !!!

We at YNA want to abolish the term marriage from the legislators’ vocabulary! Civil unions only!

Marriage is a religious term only!

Gregory Angelo told Mike Huckabee that there are too many laws and legislation that have the word “marriage” in them and that disentangling them would be almost impossible… Young Naturists America is willing to step up and help explain to the government how to use the “find and replace” function in online text!

Grow up and move on! Separation of Church and state for crying out loud!”

You can read the entire story via the link.

Connie Dees
9 years ago
Only Jesus Christ has the right answer !