Why should you approach an architect?

By Rey Gabitan, in Home & Garden
7 years ago



You can save on money. Architects are trained to spot hidden or missing costs. They can also advise a client regarding the application of alternative and cost saving measures, without sacrificing quality.
You can be relieved of stress. The construction process can be stressful, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Architect's carefully plan the process and will help notify you when something is wrong.
Architects give qualified advice. An architect’s training adds up to a minimum of 7 years which is almost the same time it takes to become a doctor (integrated course)
Architects provide wholistic approach. Architects are trained to perceive the greater opportunities presented by a situation. This leads to more informed decisions and in the end a more coherent whole.
Architects provide security. During the construction process a contractor would submit interim payment certificates, which would be validated by an architect prior to being presented to the client for payment.
Architects give objective advice. An architect will be able to advise you when and what to sacrifice in order to unlock the maximum potential of your property.

A house is the single biggest and most valuable investment you will make in your lifetime. The value of that property is measured by either its resale potential or ability to generate income. Approaching an architect would then be a wise move. Why?

Ian Tait
3 years ago
You can save and lose money if you get the wrong one it can be very expensive, I would design the outline of the property myself and get the architect to checkout the principals and comment. Then design it myself and again get the drawings checked out before proceeding with any work. whatever method you choose always get prices upfront, they will add on hours if you do not!!!!!!