Yeshua or Jesus?

By Alastair Brown, in Religion
7 years ago




This past week I was asked, “Which is correct, Jesus or Yeshua?” The question came from a person who had been told by certain Messianic zealots—again, Gentiles rather than Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua—that the only correct name to use for Messiah is Yeshua “because that’s His Hebrew name.” There are of course many other arguments proposed by these zealots, including numerous additional reasons for not using the name Jesus. The uneducated nonsense they offer up as fact serves only to muddy the waters further.

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Betty Ames
5 years ago
Messianic offers a bridge for Jews & Gentiles to worship as 'One New Man' . HIS mother named HIM YESHUA. [there are no "J"s in the Hebrew language and I think most of us will agree HE is/was Jewish right?.. America calls HIM Jesus. Like all faiths there is a lot of confusion. Peace is a natural state where truth prevails.. the basis of any arguments is ignorance of truth
Marty Miller
5 years ago
We know that he answers to the name Jesus, as he has been merciful and compassionate on an ignorant people, from the beginning, but his true name is Yah (God) shua (saves) I have heard. Ask Yeshua to say these words with you: "The law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." (John 1:17)
It's a true and holy thing to say, for me, a blessing of love for the name of names, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashi.
Be well
John Seven
5 years ago
New Testament manuscripts was in Greek not in Hebrew... there is no hebrew NT manuscripts... so there's no physical evidence to prove the name Yeshua
John Seven
5 years ago
It's Iesous
Raymond Blakkestad
6 years ago
I think Messiah must be the right name.