Are Facebook users racist?!

By montecristo, in Society
10 years ago




Study reveals that above-avid Facebook users are potential racists...

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James Marlow
9 years ago
You know, I;m white seen a lot of blacks, browns, reds, & different hues. For me it doesn't seem to be color, but the expectation of different culture that may put me on edge just a bit. If that culture is close enough to mine I feel comfortable; if that culture is a bit wonky to me well I'm a bit off. I don't think what I feel is racism, but a lack of communication, you know? Unless, of course there is hostility.
Katie Henderson
9 years ago
Maybe 0.3% or 0.4%, but by and large no. Most Obama voters aren't big into the internet.
Ileana Stan
9 years ago
I am not racist. I am a liberal Jewess and a citizen of this planet.
Tammi Carter
9 years ago
I have read some truly unbelievable racist comments on facebook, from all races.
Suvi-Tuuli Allan
10 years ago
Racism exists everywhere.