Washington Post Critic Partially Blames Seth Rogen Movies For Elliot Rodger's Killing Spree

By Zachary Rowell, in Celebrities
8 years ago



She makes a valid point!
Seth's right, she is misinformed!

A Washington Post critic by the name of Ann Hornaday is calling out Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow.

She wrote the following in her article, titled, "In a final videotaped message, a sad reflection of the sexist stories we so often see on screen."

"How many students watch outsized frat-boy fantasies like ‘Neighbors’ and feel, as Rodger did, unjustly shut out of college life that should be full of ‘sex and fun and pleasure’?

How many men, raised on a steady diet of Judd Apatow comedies in which the shlubby arrested adolescent always gets the girl, find that those happy endings constantly elude them and conclude, ‘It’s not fair’?”

This didn't sit well with Seth Rogen. He fired back at Ann on his Twitter account yesterday afternoon.

"@AnnHornaday I find your article horribly insulting and misinformed. How dare you imply that me getting girls in moves caused a lunatic to go on a rampage."

What do you think? Does Ann Hornaday have a point? Or was she just trying to get attention?