Would You Buy Marijuana-Infused Pizza?

By Zachary Rowell, in Health
8 years ago



Of course! Extra weed please!
No thanks, I'll stick with pepperoni!

Vancouver's Mega ILL cafe is getting people high, and providing them with their munchies at the same time.

The cafe is offering customers a marijuana-infused pizza. Mark Klokeid owns the joint and is a cancer survivor. He's also a proud medical marijuana user.

He told CTV news the following...

"There's already vapor lounges and other lounges around town. So I figured, why not match that with pizza?

I need it regularly and I continue to get anti-cancer benefits. I don’t use any other pain medication."

The magically delicious pizza is made with whole wheat, hemp hearts and oatmeal flour. Klokeid is proud to say most of the ingredients are organic and local.

So, we have to ask. Would you buy the pizza?