Was Malaysia Arlines Flight 370 Hijacked By Its Own Pilot?

By Zachary Rowell, in Travel
8 years ago




The mystery continues to grow. It's been almost two weeks and the world is still searching for Flight 370.

At first, people believed the plane simply had mechanical trouble and crashed into the ocean. However, new information has led investigators to believe the plane was hijacked.

But who hijacked the plane, and what was their motive? No one knows.

However, a lot of people assume the pilot had something to do with it. New data shows the sharp turn to the west was programmed into the computer. The New York Times reports that the first turn was most likely programmed in by someone in the cockpit.

Officials have searched through the pilot's home, but they have not found anything suspicious.

What do you think? Did the pilot have something to do with this?

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Ian Tait
6 years ago
Can not make any decision without the full knowledge of the situation, I do not say yes or no if the information is not available
James Marlow
8 years ago
The pilot stopped loving his or other's lives.