Should Jury Convict Michael Dunn In 'Loud-Music Murder' Trial?

By Zachary Rowell, in Other
7 years ago



He's guilty
Self Defense

Any minute now, the jury in the Jordan Davis murder trial will come back with a decision. They've been deliberating for almost seven hours now, and have already requested to see more surveillance video from the gas station where Michael Dunn shot Davis.

As most of you know, Michael Dunn is accused of shooting and killing Jordan Davis over a dispute about loud music.

Michael Dunn claims he shot Jordan Davis out of self defense. He claims that he saw Davis reach down and grab a shotgun. Dunn then pulled out his pistol and shot Davis.

However, police did not find a weapon inside the car Davis was in. No other witnesses saw a weapon inside the car. The only one that claims Davis had a gun is Michael Dunn.

So, what do you think? Is Michael Dunn guilty of murder? Or was he acting out of self defense?

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